How Poetry Comes To Me

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Poetry is an art form that has been around for centuries, captivating audiences with its lyrical beauty and wise words. To some, poetry is an endeavor of carefully crafted words, but to me it is a magical experience of discovering emotion. In this essay I will discuss how poetry comes to me and how I use it as a creative outlet for my feelings.

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Title: How Poetry Comes To Me

Poetry is a medium of artistic expression that aims to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences in a creative and imaginative way. As a poet, one’s inspiration can come from various sources such as personal experiences, nature, history, politics, and social issues.

For me personally, poetry comes to me in many forms; it could be a fleeting thought that passes through my mind or an intense emotion that demands to be expressed creatively. Sometimes it may come spontaneously when I am walking down the street observing people or just sitting in front of my computer trying to compose something meaningful.

One of the ways that poetry comes to me is through reading other poets’ works. As I read their poems and immerse myself in their writing style and imaginations, their words ignite something within me that inspires me to write my own poems. Reading poetry also helps sharpen my craft by giving me new ideas for themes and structure.

Another way poetry comes to me is by experiencing events around me such as love gained or lost; political turmoil; journeys taken—these often provide fuel for creating new pieces filled with passion and new perspectives on life.

Finally, music plays an essential role in inspiring most of my works. Songs have been known not only for their rhythmic beats but also for carrying profound messages that resonate deep within our souls. When listening to music with lyrics that speak directly into your heart through its melody and lyrics – this sometimes sparks creativity similar to reading other poets’ works but on a much deeper level.

In conclusion – there is no one definitive way in how poetry comes to poets; everyone has their unique approach. For me, it comes through reading other poets’ works, experiencing life, listening to music and sometimes just spontaneously. Poetry is about what we feel – the emotions that come from our experiences – so no matter how it comes to us, it’s about how we express it and share it with others.

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