Pokemon Box Set 1st Edition

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The Pokemon Box Set 1st Edition is the perfect gift for any Pokemon enthusiast. It contains five full-colour, high-quality books that cover the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region. With detailed descriptions for each of these beloved monsters, readers of all ages can learn more about these creatures and gain a deeper understanding of how they work and interact with each other. In addition to the books, the set also includes two special edition collector cards featuring iconic Pokemon characters. From the passionate collector to the young beginner, this box set is sure to please any fan of the world’s greatest pocket monster franchise.

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Pokemon Box Set 1st Edition: Relive the Magic of the Original Pokemon Series

If you are a true Pokemon fan, nothing beats the excitement of collecting and owning the original Pokemon series in a complete box set. The Pokemon Box Set 1st Edition is a must-have for collectors and fans alike who want to relive those nostalgic moments of watching Ash, Pikachu, and the gang on their adventures to become Pokemon masters.

Released in 1998, the 1st edition of the original Pokemon box set features all 79 episodes from season one, including the rare “Banned Episodes.” These episodes were not aired due to their controversial content, making them an essential addition for hardcore fans who want to experience everything that makes up the original series.

The box set also includes special features such as an interview with creator Satoshi Tajiri and director Kunihiko Yuyama. Additionally, fans will get access to behind-the-scenes documentaries showcasing how they created this iconic cult classic.

The 1st edition box set comes with six discs designed elegantly in a beautiful case that looks stunning on any shelf. The artwork is fantastic and captures all your favorite characters such as Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Pikachu or Team Rocket. It’s perfect for giving your room that extra bit of anime flair or starting a conversation with fellow fans.

For those who missed out on collecting individual DVDs over time or never had access to watch it when it first aired, now is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself into a world full of Pokemons! You can relive those childhood memories or introduce them to your kids so they can experience what made Pokemon so popular in the first place.

In conclusion: The Pokemon Box Set 1st Edition is undoubtedly something you don’t want to miss out on if you are a true Pokemon fan!

Get ready for lots of action-packed adventures filled with excitement as Ash and his Pokémon friends journey through the region in pursuit of their goals. This box set captures everything that made Pokemon one of the most iconic anime series of all time, and a perfect way to keep the memories alive for generations to come. So why wait? Add this fantastic collection to your library today!

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