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Poetry is a centuries old form of literature that continues to captivate readers around the world. With so many different poets and poems out there, it can be difficult to decide what poetry you should read. Whether you are looking for classic works or something more modern, this guide will help you find the perfect poem to explore and enjoy.

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Poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of art that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. The variety of styles and genres can make it tough for anyone to choose what poetry to read. While some readers may be drawn to the traditional classics like Shakespeare and Keats, others are looking for something more modern.

So what poetry should you read? The answer is simple – anything that speaks to you. Poetry is a very personal form of writing that can evoke emotions, thoughts, and ideas unique to each reader.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect poetry for you:

1. Start with a theme

Is there a particular theme or topic that interests you? It might be love, nature, politics, or just life in general. Look for poems that explore these themes and see which ones resonate with you.

2. Experiment with different styles

There are many different styles of poetry out there – sonnets, haikus, free verse, slam poetry – just to name a few. Read examples from each style and see which resonates most with your taste.

3. Check out online communities

Online communities like Reddit have dedicated subreddits where readers share their favorite poems and discuss new releases. Look at these forums to get ideas on what poetry other people are enjoying.

4. Read poets from different backgrounds

Poetry is universal, but different cultures have their own unique approaches to it. Try reading poets from different countries or cultures to get a better sense of how diverse the form can be.

5. Start with short collections

If you’re new to poetry or don’t have much time on your hands, start with short collections by individual poets or anthologies featuring multiple writers. This will give you a chance to sample different styles without committing too much time or energy.

In conclusion, while there’s no definitive answer as to which poems you should read, exploring various themes and styles will help you discover what you enjoy most. Take the time to experiment, and don’t be afraid to try new things – somewhere out there, you’ll find the perfect poem that will speak directly to your heart!

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Poetry has an undeserved reputation for being difficult and confusing. But the truth is that you don’t have to figure poetry out–you just have to read it. In this video, we talk about what poetry is, and we read a poem together with the goal of enjoying it rather than deciphering it. Check out these cool contemporary poems: …

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